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dance. it's all i wanna do.

so won't you dance.

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the girl.
26 years old. living outside buffalo. terminally single. mortgage loan rep. sarcastic. slightly odd. occasionally bitchy. always adorable.

the music.
lady gaga. fall out boy. panic! at the disco. rihanna. ke$ha. beyonce. she & him.

the obsessions
hockey. russians. the buffalo sabres. evgeni malkin. the washington capitals. harry potter. star trek. supernatural. iron man. the little mermaid. all things disney.

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Some of my icons use brushes, gradients, and textures made by innocenceagain, contrariwise, daughterofsnape, teh_indy, kamino, floorshow, alluringheart, brokenicon, charon, bessyboo, natangel, colorfilter, and setsuntamew. I don't remember where I found a few of the brushes. If you see something that's yours, let me know.

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